The Women’s Day is soon to think about gifts ideas for the ladies of your life.  Of course, this March 8 will celebrate, as every year, the Women’s Day. Each year it becomes more special, that is why if you decide to break the routine in this you day and entertain the most important women in your life here we give you a little help.

Attention, guys can also take note. Define what yours is, but first, ask yourself: what details would be the best for this day? The options are as many as the imagination of each one, that is why we are going to share with you a few ideas that are perfect for them. Let think, it is worth to buy something inexpensive, which will not stretch your pocket and will be a nice gift.

Here are 20 gift ideas for women:

1. Handmade jewelry

It is rather an idea for young girls who do not have a gift idea for mom or for girlfriends. Over 200 instructions for fashionable jewelry can be found on shopping store.

2. A bottle of wine

Who does not like a good wine? It does not have to cost you the entire payday or pocket money. And if you want to buy something good for wine, the best idea will be blue cheese. The perfect gift!

3. Books

The book is a wonderful gift not only for Women’s Day, but make sure that the person you want to give it likes to read. Also, find out which books he prefers, whether it is fantasy, romance or maybe something else.

4. Candles and candlesticks

Women love all the scented and colorful candles as well as beautiful candlesticks. The same applies to incense and stands for them.

5. Photo frame

What would we do if we did not have photos? Is there a better way to commemorate the wonderful moments of our life? Most women love to surround themselves with photos both at home and at work, so is there a better gift?

6. Pedometer

Many people prefer to get practical gifts. Pedometer is both practical and supports weight loss – and what woman would not like to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle?

7. Homemade pastries

Of course, most men buy chocolate boxes or chocolates for Ladies Day. But there is something better, namely home baked goods!

8. DVD movies

A DVD movie is a wonderful gift as long as a woman has time to watch it. And if he has this time it will be great if you watch him together!

9. Personalized CD or DVD

If you’re recording a special gift compilation, it’s a good idea to make the original package with the photo. You can do it on the bighugelabs website – upload a picture, enter a title, description and click “create”.

10. Bath cosmetics

Every woman loves a hot bath with fragrant oils, liquids, salts and bath balls.

11. A voucher for a cafe

For those addicted to coffee, such a voucher will be a real gift from heaven. You can give it as a gift for a Women’s Day for women you do not know so well, eg for a friend from work.

12. Cool slippers

Slippers are always a good idea for a gift. And as it gets warmer, choose the spring-summer version.

13. Calendar with photos

A great idea for a gift for Women’s Day is a calendar with photos. You can give such a calendar to your mother, grandmother or even friends you have known for a long time.

14. Mini herb garden

Such a garden will be a nice gift for someone who loves cooking, especially with the use of fresh herbs. Such a herbal mix can be put on the window and enjoy your own garden even in a block of flats in a big city.

15. A voucher for a beautician

Such a voucher is a great gift because a woman will decide on what treatment she will use. Perfect for spring when women start taking care of themselves twice.

16. A Trip

We all like to travel, and more at this time of year. Give her a vacation and she will adore you.

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17. Perfume

Although it is risky, if you know the perfume you use or the one you would like to have, it would be a perfect gift. We women like to smell rich.

18. Lingerie

Giving underwear only has advantages: all women like it and enjoy each other. most important make sure you know your size and have the proper confidence to make this type of gift.

19. Clothing

Is it what you have given him in recent years? A good garment is always welcome. If you want to play it safe, repeat this option

20. An IPod or Notebook

Like men, they love to listen to their favorite music when they want and how they want. A notebook is also ideal for the woman who works and needs mobility, and even for the technology lover who only uses it to chat with her friends.

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