This infographic illustrates Google’s work on the SERPs from 1996 to 2017. A nostalgic look back at ten blue lines.

Google 1998, Source: Wayback MachineAn infographic illustrates the continuous development of Google’s Search Engine Result Pages. It reveals the milestones of the pages from 1996 to today.

The history of SERP since the founding of Google Inc.

Google has now become the most valuable brand in the world. The group stands for a multi-billion dollar business, which feeds mainly from advertising. While the idea of ​​the search engine matured in a garage two years earlier than the BackRub project, the foundation for this was finally laid in 1998 when the SERP was born. At that time, she produced nothing but the famous ten blue links. Today, with nostalgia, we think back to it, the search results pages have become much more than that.

An infographic by Croud in collaboration with designer Chelsea Herbert takes a look back at the history of the site, which has now become the focus of a huge number of marketers. It shows the individual development steps that have made the SERP a veritable sea of ​​information in various forms. In addition, some major milestones such as the Facebook and YouTube launch provide guidance. Also the first iPhone, the Android emergence and the start of Google+ are listed. In the end, the infographic points to the trends that can be observed with regard to the SERPs.

Infographic: A brief history of search engine results pages

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