If you do not have the money to learn Russian in a high school, then here are five applications that you can find in the Google play store. Do not worry, the Internet offers us a wide range of opportunities to learn new languages ​​and in the Google Play Store you can find applications to learn Russian. Attention with this list, download it from your Android device.

1. Bussu

They offer Russian class online and they are very successful through their website Bussu.com, but they also have an application where they explain the verbal, phonetic and other times, with interactive exercises based on each level. It is free, but you must pay for an advanced level because the courses are thematic.

2. Babbel

This application has vocabulary lessons by subject, has speech recognition to improve diction and is ideal for beginners. To access certain functions it costs the monthly subscription of 9.95 Euros per month.

3. MosaLingua

This app ensures that you only need to spend 10 minutes a day to learn Russian for everyday situations. You can choose the themes of your choice and they are done in a playful way. The cost is less than 5 Euros and is highly recommended.

4. Mondly

It is the one that has the best score in the Google Play Store, it affects the vocabulary much more than the grammar rules (ideal if you only want to learn certain things) and thus become familiar using only a few minutes a day. It is free, but some modules do require an extra payment.

5. FunEasyLearn

This is the only free application on the list and you can learn up to 6000 words in Russian, this may be your choice if you do not have to pay for an app pro or just want to have some phrases to not miss out on your trip to Russia.

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