Creating high quality content is now the new brand when it comes to writing a copy that converts. As a content marketer or copywriter, your job is to create high quality content that have this three qualities – target, engagement and conviction. Any thing short of this is moving from zero to another zero.

Creating good and quality content is one sure way of driving traffic, generating leads and increasing sales. But it all depends on how good and engaging your content is.

In this article, I will be sharing with you top 5 tips and practical ways to create high quality content for your business blog. Be is a blog post, copy or whatever you call it, the bone of contention is coming up with a content that can capture, convince and convert.

The ideal thing to do will be to have the mindset of “what is worth doing is worth doing well”. Since you have decided you want to build your blog around a passion pit, giving the best of what you have or know should always be your mindset.

So what are these five ways to creating high quality content?
I will try as much as possible to hit the nail at the head, so I won’t be writing long stories!

Tip #1: Brainstorm on your post ideas
I like to make this the number one on the list. Yes, I don’t doubt the fact that you are a renowned content writer or a copywriter, but even professionals brainstorm on their post ideas before ever writing and turning them into live articles. Take some time to research on what works or sells in your niche and then brainstorm on how to write a killer content starting from writing an attractive and clickable post title.

Tip #2: Look up keywords relevant in your niche
Believe me this is worth doing! Few years back I was blogging the wrong way because I was never ready then to put things together. My idea then was to put up a post and then publish it right away. As a content marketer, keyword research is a must do especially if you plan on getting good good CTR and CPC and attracting customers to your digital assets . Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about paying for a keyword research tool (now called Keyword Planer) as Google already have a free one at your disposal.

Before you ever write a copy or content, try to look up relevant keywords (I recommend using long tail keywords) in your niche and try adding them to your post. You can add up to 3 or 4 keywords in the entire post, 1 or 2 on your first paragraph, the post body and then the concluding part of the post. But make sure you don’t stuff your post with keywords, always strive to write an epic content, one which will celebrate your readers.

Tip #3: Don’t gamble on words when writing
Most web content writers including myself , in the time past gamble on words when writing a content. It’s very rare for most content writers to use dictionaries or word editing tools, but if you really mean the business of content writing, you will always have dictionaries installed on your PC, smartphone and other tools you use to blog. Alternatively, you can keep a hard copy on your writing desk. Why is this necessary?

I’m sure your content is not just for your personal consumption or reading, if it’s not then why write blindly or gambling? Always make sure you look up any words you’re not sure about. It may not just be word meanings, spellings are also inclusive. Don’t use words you are not 100% sure of, you don’t know who is reading your blog content!

Another way of staying safe is to first compose your writing on a word editing software like Microsoft office word. It helps you not just in spelling or word meanings but also checks your grammatical structure.

Tip #4: Create ample time for editing
If you use a reading glasses, then I will advice you adjust it well when writing your either your blog post or targeted copy. Copy editing is one of the things that kill most blogs. Content marketing and copywriting requires patience and time. It’s meant to be something you do with passion and not what you do because you see others doing it. If you truly have passion for what you do, you will always give ample time to it so as to come out with the best.

Always create time for editing your work; the ideal thing would be to read through your post carefully. For instance, each time I m done with my writing, I always read the post loud to my hearing with my cursor moving beneath every word I read. If you have not been using this technique try it out when next you’ll write your new post.

Also doing a proper editing will give you the opportunity of discovering mistakes hidden in the post. If you want to take a step further, you can ask a friend or fellow writer who is seasoned in what you write about to read your draft post and then get him to provide you feedback on areas he feels you are not making sense. I strongly recommend this idea to newbies who are just starting out either in blogging, content marketing or copywriting.

Tip #5: Write epic contents
The question would be – what is an epic content? It’s simply a content which is written having the needs or problems of a reader in mind. It can also mean serving your readers with the right meal and at the right time. But before you can serve someone a meal he wants, you must cherish the person.

This is exactly what epic content means. To be able to write epic contents, you must love your readers, which means you will freely give without attaching any strings. For instance, the articles you read on were all written from my heart of hearts.

I kept them that way because I love my readers and so writing on the other hand becomes interesting and fun for me because I am giving freely to the people I love while writing my income statement from converted customers and clients.

Yea it’s time to hear from you!
Which one are you going to try this week? Do you already know other working tips not mentioned in this post? Let me know me in comments…

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