Fly over the atolls, sleep on the sea, spend a day on an uninhabited island … The appeal of the Maldives goes far beyond its fabulous beaches.

Now that it is cold, what do you think of the idea of ​​traveling to this archipelago made up of 1,196 islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean? Its temperature -between 26 and 31ºC; while the sea water is between 27 and 29ºC all year round – it is one of the attractions for the getaway. But there are many more, from culture to gastronomy, passing through the comfort of a direct flight from Madrid. You fancy? Then book your trip at B the Travel Brand , which offers the possibility of traveling directly from the capital to this paradise.

#1.For water sports

The blue and transparent waters of the Maldives treasure an amazing marine biodiversity .Swimming, windsurfing, snorkeling, diving … What sport is yours? In Maldives, you can practice them all. But the undisputed king is diving: multicolored fish, coral reefs, placid whale sharks … For less athletes, a luxury activity: boat trips to visit several islands, swim in deserted beaches and spot marine species. Oh, and the lovers of the waves will also find in these waters a perfect destination for surfing.

#2. For the sunsets

Maldives is the flattest country in the world, so nothing will stand between sunset and your eyes. The sun usually sets around six o’clock in the afternoon, and the show is unique: when hiding, it paints on the ocean horizon a palette of reddish and orange tones that merge into turquoises and purples. Contemplating the scene listening to the murmur of the sea is a pleasure that has no price. A unique stress cure

#3.By the sea of ​​stars

And it is in this place in the world where one of the most amazing and beautiful spectacles of nature takes place: the sea of ​​stars. It occurs when temperatures have been high and the night is very dark. What seems the reflection of the stars in the water is, in fact, phytoplankton, a way of life capable of creating a bright blue glow when disturbed by hot air. The phenomenon is called bio luminescence and it is absolutely magical. Not to be missed

#4. For gastronomy

Tea, fruit juices, tuna, seafood … The gastronomic universe of Maldives is as delicious as its landscapes and evokes, in many of its dishes, its neighbor India, with curry, rice, coconut … A suggestion? Its star dish, the mashuni, a salad of tuna, coconut, chili, lemon and onion that is accompanied with roshi (the typical Maldivian bread), and the raa, a juice that is extracted from the trunks of palm trees.

#5. For popular culture

The Arab influence and of nearby countries like India and Sri Lanka, as well as its own past, configure a genuine cultural flavor to discover without haste. Beyond the world of the “resort”, when you travel to the Maldives, venture into the lonely atmosphere of the desert islands, but also into the charm of small fishing villages and their customs, traditions … Pay special attention to dance – ask for dances such as the thaara, the Bandilla Jehun or the Kadhan Maali- and the crafts; your vegetable rugs and silver pieces are unique.

#6. For loneliness

One of the most attractive activities offered by the archipelago is to spend a day on a desert island. Yes, as you read it: an island just for you. Bet on it and the world will cease to exist for a few hours. Can you imagine taking a bath without sharing the oceanic immensity with anyone? Can you imagine the silence? Can you imagine an immense turquoise horizon? You got it. And, quiet, it’s not an impossible mission; most of the hotels offer this excursion with the possibility of spending the night there, without anything getting between you and the sky.

#7. By Male

Grilled, fried, steamed, smoked… fish is the king of Maldivian cuisine. Proof of this is the Fish Market of the capital, Male, where you can find almost any kind of seafood or fish. It is a place full of life located opposite the pier and is one of the attractions of the city. Others? Its craft centers, the National Museum of Male, the street markets, the mosques, the Gardens of the Sultan, with roses and orchids, the promenade with its wonderful restaurants…

In short, Maldives is much more than beaches and tranquility, which is enough. And to these reasons we join one of weight: the ease to travel to this country in direct flight from April 30.

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