Android has a large number of keyboards available in the Play Store . Many of them offer innumerable advantages over the system that comes by default, such as advanced customization options or completely different interfaces. Discover how to change the keyboard of your smartphone following these simple steps that we teach you in our article.

How to download a new keyboard

There is a large number of virtual keyboards available in the Play Store. Some of the best known are Gboard, SwiftKey and Swype Keyboard, designed to write by sliding your finger across the screen instead of pressing on each of the keys. Others, like NovaKey, offer completely different interfaces to those of the traditional keyboard.

The best keyboards for Android

To be able to see and download the available keyboards you only have to enter the ‘Play Store’ and, in the ‘Applications’ section, choose ‘Productivity’. In this list will appear the most downloaded keyboards in Android. Most are free (or at least offer a free version and a paid version).

How to install a keyboard on Android

When we download a new keyboard in Android, it is stored in the system but it does not appear automatically when we use applications such as WhatsApp or Gmail . In order to activate it and mark it as the default method of writing, we must follow the following steps:

Go to the ‘Settings’ menu and choose ‘Language and introduction’.

Now enter Virtual keyboard> Manage keyboards .

Select which of the downloaded keyboards you want to keep active by checking the left.

All Android keyboards (both the default and downloadable in the Play Store) offer different customization options. To access these functions you just have to click on the button that appears on the right side of each keyboard to check what options it offers. Keyboards by default usually include different interfaces, changes in predictive text, automatic correction, etc.

To change between active keyboards we just have to press the button with the keyboard icon at the bottom right when the virtual keyboard appears.

Which keyboard do you prefer to use on your phone? Tell us in the comments.

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