Christmas customs in the world can shock the Pole even harder than European ones. South America or Asia is a completely different story than the old continent. And it is in the celebration of the Birth of Christ that we can see what cultures differ from each other. Where do Christmas Eve suppers on the beach? In which country is the custom to buy new clothes, and where the commercialism of this period is most visible (these are not the United States!). Why do the people of northern Canada say the words “The meat of our everyday life” during the devotions … ?  Where should you go to see the most colorful parade?

In Russia, the Christmas tree is decorated for New Year’s Eve, the gifts are brought by Grandfather Mróz with inherently accompanying him on the night of December 31 to January 1. And Christmas, according to the religion in force in this country, is celebrated only on January 7. During the Christmas dinner, not very sumptuous, the kutia is eaten there first of all. Traditionally, it should be consumed from one bowl, which is to ensure prosperity.

Christmas in Indonesia

In Indonesia, the Christmas season is a time of joy and general mirth. In terms of religion, the country is very diverse. However, over ten percent of Christians who live there celebrate Christmas. They believe that this is the time of a new beginning, a better tomorrow to come. So they are singing Christmas carols, dancing on the streets, and the custom orders to buy new clothes just in this period. Due to the climate on the islands, the tree is replaced by other trees. During the evening Midnight Mass, dressed in the traditional outfit of the leader, with a cock in one and alcohol in the other hand in the local language greets Christ. After the Mass, it is time to visit friends and give each other the equivalent of a peace sign.

Christmas in India

Christmas in India – according to the prevailing custom – everyone is buying new clothes, regardless of nationality or religion. Christians at this time decorate banana trees, palm trees and mango trees. Sometimes they buy an artificial Christmas tree. During holidays, everyone has a day off regardless of their religion. That’s why you visit your friends during this time. Believers of traditional Hinduism in India or Muslims are also involved in celebration. Ten days before the actual day, great preparations take place: houses, streets decorate, decorate them with fancy patterns. After a traditional mass (in places where there are many Christians), children go from house to house, like traditional carolers, asking for a blessing.

Christmas in Philippines

Two months of preparation. Loud of singing and general joy. This is how the celebration of the birth of Christ in the Philippines looks like . Already in November, the area is becoming beautiful for this period. Leaves of flowers or palms are used to decorate the eye and door. For nine days before Christmas, day after day the whole neighborhood rises to the sounds of the trumpet. There are solemn masses in the early morning. Often, they take place on the beach. The last one takes place on Christmas Eve, and after its completion children arrange a livingcrib. The country prevails that everyone should be given the most holy holidays. That is why it is not uncommon to see rich people who, after organizing a charity event, go to the streets themselves and distribute gifts to the poorest.

Christmas in Japan

It may surprise you a bit, but in Japan , Christmas is also celebrated. There are very few Christians here, but the Japanese do not see the problem. The feast on these islands has a commercial dimension, it does not feel a religious atmosphere. In a country dominated by Buddhism and Shintoism, the commercialization of holidays prays like anywhere else in the world. The streets are marked by Santa Clauses, on the sites there is a Merry Christmas sign , Christmas trees grow from every angle in Tokyo. There will be a place and for … Rudolf reindeer. Afternoon and Christmas Eve evening in Japan ( just like in Korea) dominated … lovers. It is their holiday. Couples go to Christmas dinners and eat a Christmas cake at the same time. Not infrequently, whole families meet at supper on this day with small presents.

Christmas in Australia

The Christmas season in Australia falls on the full summer. Therefore, the Christmas Eve supper takes place in an unusual atmosphere and in the same way is its celebration. Dinner is eaten on the beaches. They resemble one large table covered with white tablecloths. According to tradition, mass greeting cards are sent and received in a Christmas tree or Australian bush.

Christmas in Canada

In Canada, the most interesting Christmas tradition is the Eskimo. A few days wander to a distant Pasterka settlement. It is celebrated by the missionaries in a huge, properly decorated … igloo. Inhabitants of these areas do not know bread, therefore, during the church celebration, the words of Meat of our everyday life are spoken …. Canada is also a multinational country. The French part pays more attention to Christmas Eve: participation in the Midnight Mass and later dinner in the nearest circle. The English language part goes away like the Americans.

Christmas in United States

In the United States, you do not care about Christmas Eve. Most often, this is the day of the last chance to buy gifts for loved ones. However, preparations for holidays start from Thanksgiving (fourth Thursday in November). Feel the atmosphere of Christmas on the streets, admiring the huge decorated Christmas tree and listening to carols coming from everywhere. Nicholas on sleighs drawn by reindeers arrives on the night of December 24-25, which is why Christmas begins with giving presents, after which he sits down to a festive meal. The second day of holidays is already a normal day for Americans, unless it falls on a Sunday.

Christmas in Mexico

For Poles the most magical period is Christmas Eve and Christmas. In Mexico, the most interesting rituals can be observed during the Advent period. Already on December 16, there are numerous processions of people carrying lit candles and statues of Our Lady and Saint Joseph on the streets. For the next nine days, they move, like carollers, from house to house, asking for hospitality. Commemorative songs are heard from everywhere. In some regions people are dressed in a traditional note, and huge sculptures are transported with appropriate carriages. Currently, the tradition is more often limited to meetings among friends and the obligatory breaking of the piñatawhich has always been an important stage in pre-holiday preparations. The destruction of the intricate structure filled with sweets is to symbolize getting rid of evil. During the holidays in the Churches you can see a staged crib. Christmas Eve night the Mexicans spend on a festive supper beginning at midnight and giving presents. Christmas Day is a day of visiting friends and participation in the mass.

Christmas in Ecuador

The period is celebrated slightly differently in Ecuador . Processions with figurines of the newborn Baby are wandering on Christmas Eve and often the next day. People dress in different forms like Angels. In Cuenca you can see parading unclothed children riding on extremely decorated wagons and on horses. Their appearance often refers to the Bible. Often, vehicles resemble large tables with gifts for Jesus. The youngest are the most important in these days, as it is the feast of Little Jesus. A very solemn procedure takes place in the city of Pujilí . In the procession, the Infant with Isinche is carried , which is most venerated in Ecuador. It is believed that it grows like a real child.

Christmas in South America

In other countries of South America Christmas is also celebrated very solemnly. In Colombia, the beginning of the celebrations dates back to December 8, that is, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception . Street decorates, people go out into the streets, sing and dance. Nine days before Christmas a solemn novena takes place, and every day until Christmas, after attending mass, children receive a special stew of dried fruit and nuts. The same applies to Venezuela . At Christmas Eve there are no gifts or traditional in our reasoning of celebration in the family circle. After a solemn Mass, people dance and party until the morning on the city streets. In Argentinathe Christmas atmosphere looks the same. Only the next days are spent visiting family and friends. In the country, it is customary that after reaching the age of majority, children move to their own . The parent’s obligation is purchase of a Christmas tree. Gifts bring the Three Kings. On the night of 5 to 6 January you should leave your shoes in a visible place, so that in the morning there was a small gift in them.

Christmas in African Continent

Globetrotters, who will be on the African continent in December, can also witness the elements of Christmas celebrations. In the Democratic Republic of Congo  , loud chants and dances to the sounds of rumba resound in crowded Churches. Residents are trying to prepare a slightly different meal than every day, and the party lasts until about one in the morning. In other countries, on these festive days, people also try to look uncommon and serve meals that deviate from the standard ones. The drums start to sound and people dance and sing.

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