The HCG diet is a popular diet plan that is known to bring about effective results. If you follow the diet properly, it can deliver the expected results within a short period of time. For anyone struggling with weight loss, this can come across as a great piece of information. However, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to steer clear of any kind of slip up when following this diet. Else, your weight loss goals can be impacted. Mentioned below are a few common mistakes that you need to avoid when you are on the HCG diet:

Ignoring to load up properly during the loading phase

The HCG diet plan is divided into three phases. The first phase is the loading phase. During this phase, you need to eat food rich in fats and calories for two days. But many dieters become sceptical at the thought of consuming high-fat and high-calorie food and do not load enough during this phase. This is a crucial mistake as far as the success of the HCG diet plan is concerned.

According to Jennifer Johnson from HCG Diet, those who stick to the diet plan for all 3 phases have the most success. So, avoid sidestepping the loading phase. This is an important part of the whole HCG diet plan and you need to follow it diligently. Rather than avoid this phase, you can enjoy by indulging in all those calorie-rich food for two days.

Eating food items not recommended for HCG diet

When it comes to the food you are allowed to eat on the HCG diet, there is a specific list of approved food items. In order to gain maximum result from this diet plan, you need to follow the food list strictly and have only those items that are recommended for HCG dieters. This diet plan doesn’t allow you to replace an approved food item with something else that’s not on the list. It doesn’t matter whether the food you select as a replacement is low on the calories and is considered to be effective for weight loss under normal circumstances. If it’s not on the HCG approved food list, you must not have it.

Not eating the recommended food portions

While you are on the HCG diet, you need to eat not just the approved food items but also stick to the recommended food portions. Having food in precise portion sizes is crucial to the success of the diet. The specific portion sizes detailed out in the diet plan helps to increase your metabolism rate and enhance your weight loss endeavors. If you mess up with the recommended portion sizes, you may not be able to reduce weight at the expected rate. So, be careful while measuring out your portion sizes on this diet.

Also, do not increase your protein serving and reduce your vegetable intake at will. Even if you do it in such a manner so as not to exceed your calorie limit for the day, this can interfere with the diet’s progress and so, must be avoided.

Consuming canned vegetables and fruits

Consuming canned vegetables or fruits is a big no-no when you are on the HCG diet. This is because most canned vegetables and fruits contain preservatives added to keep them in good condition. Canned vegetables contain sodium in high quantity. Canned fruits are also known to contain a high amount of added sugar. If you eat such products, they can interfere with the HCG hormones you are taking for the diet. So, avoid taking any kind of canned vegetables or fruits while on the HCG diet, even if they are on the list of the approved food items. Always opt for fresh vegetables and fruits to ensure that your weight loss goals are not impacted.

Missing out on the daily dose of HCG hormone

The HCG hormone injection is one of the most important aspects of this diet plan. When you are on this diet, you need to take the recommended dose of the HCG hormone every day. By taking this injection regularly, you can enhance your chances of getting the maximum result from this diet. If you miss out on taking the injection for a single day, it may not seem to be a big matter to you. But the fact is that it can have an impact on the effectiveness of the diet plan. The HCG injection is meant to increase your HCG levels daily at a recommended rate to ensure that your calories are burnt effectively. So, make sure that you don’t miss out on the daily dose of your HCG hormone.

Engaging in strenuous exercise when on the diet

While you may continue to do light exercises when on the diet, engaging in strenuous exercises is not recommended. This is one point that often surprises people and they overstep this recommendation to continue with their exercise regime. But HCG is a calorie-restricting diet. When you are on such a low-calorie diet and you spend more calories on doing exercises, your body will need enough food to replenish the spent energy resources. This can cause you to eat more than the approved calorie limit for each day. As a result, your diet may not deliver the expected results.

Again, if you exercise and then continue to follow the restricted calorie limit, your energy levels will dip and you may suffer from medical complications. That is why it is not recommended to do strenuous exercises while you are on the HCG diet.

Drinking beverages not approved for the diet

The only beverages allowed on the HCG diet are water, tea, and coffee. Any beverage other than these three must not be consumed when on the HCG diet. But many people find it hard to restrict themselves to these three beverages and end up having aerated drinks or sodas. This can be detrimental to the cause of the HCG diet.

It’s a well-known fact that such drinks are high in calories, including artificially sweetened drinks. If you have such drinks, they can easily lead to weight gain and get you off the weight loss track. So, ensure that you do not allow yourself to be tempted by any beverage not recommended for the diet.

Not drinking enough water

Water is integral to the success of the HCG diet. You have to drink plenty of water while you are on the diet. By drinking water in sufficient amount, you will keep your body hydrated and flush out the toxins from the body. Water also helps to deal with hunger and ensure that the food you eat is digested quickly. But the biggest advantage of drinking water when on this diet is that it helps to break down the fat in your body by speeding up your metabolism rate. However, some people worry about gaining water weight and do not intake water in enough quantity. This can lead to slowing down of your weight loss progress. That is why remember to drink water in plenty during your diet period.

To sum up

The HCG diet may seem to be a bit challenging to those who are new to it. But if you follow the protocol and go by the recommendations of the diet plan, there is no reason for you to fail. Just keep in mind the common mistakes mentioned above and steer clear of them when you are on the diet. Everything else will fall into place!



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