An Aphrodisiac is a drug or food that heightens sexual desire. The term originates from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation. In the earlier times, procreation was an important aspect of life and aphrodisiacs were sought to boost fertility and counter sexual anxieties.

Today, couples the world over go through patches of low sexual desire where physical intimacy takes a back seat. This is where Aphrodisiac foods come in handy. They not only get you all charged up for some superb love making, they also are a great alternative to over the counter potency drugs.

And you don’t need to wait for the ‘low patch’ to try these super foods with your partner. Great that you have a rocking sex life which is the envy of everyone around you. Throw in some of these delectable treats from time to time and see you partner all wired up for some passionate time together.

You probably have heard this already. But there is a scientific reason behind why chocolates find a place in romantic evenings the world over. Chocolate contains chemicals that boost the production of serotonin, a brain hormone linked to sexual desire. However, some researchers do argue that the effects of chocolate are more psychological than physiological.


Its suggestive phallic shape aside, the banana is a power house of nutrients such as potassium and vitamin B that boost the production of sexual hormones. Bananas also contain the bromelain enzyme which is known to enhance male libido. The next time you plan to get cozy with your partner, a banana pudding or a banana cake might just be the dessert you want to share before you get into the act!


Almond has been known as a symbol of fertility and in some Asian cultures; newlyweds are fed almonds to boost their sexual appetite. Its aromas are known to evoke sexual desire in women. Whether it is giving your partner an almond oil massage, munching chocolate coated almonds together or cooking up an almond aphrodisiac recipe for dinner, you can never go wrong with almonds.

Almonds are high in Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a strong …


The Egyptians used honey to cure infertility and sterility. A natural aphrodisiac, its dripping, sticky, golden texture evokes passion and takes sexual desire to the next level. In the ancient times, newlyweds were made to drink a honey concoction every night until the first new moon after getting married.


You must have come across Vanilla scented candles and fragrances. Its exotic and sensual smell is believed to cause sexual excitement and a general sense of elation in both men and women. Try Vanilla cookies, vanilla cheesecake or simply Vanilla popcorns. Better still, the next time you want to get all high with your partner, infuse your love nest with subtle vanilla fragrance or dip into a vanilla scented bath and experience a new high in passion.

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