Does your mouth smell bad in the morning? Discover why you smell your breath in the morning and how to remedy it

To all the people of this planet they smell their breath when they wake up, it is natural and also unpleasant. Just the act of sleeping and the simple act of inhaling and exhaling for eight hours during sleep makes the breath smell bad when you wake up.

This happens because when we sleep, our mouth produces much less saliva than when we are awake. Saliva is responsible for getting rid of the bacteria that we naturally produce in the mouth, so when there is a shortage, that bacteria accumulates and causes bad breath when we wake up.

Keys to improve the smell of your good morning breath

If you want to put an end to the problem of bad breath, walk more to wake up, do not miss these tips.

The dentist will tell you to brush your teeth two or three times a dayThe dentist will tell you to brush your teeth two or three times a day

Always brush your teeth before going to bed

The dentist will tell you to brush your teeth two or three times a day, but the one you can not miss is brushing before going to bed. In addition to having good dental hygiene, the bacteria that causes bad breath during the night will not affect you as much and will not be so horrible when you wake up.

No coffee or alcohol

Both coffee and alcohol create a drying effect in the mouth, which reduces the production of saliva and creates the perfect configuration for bacteria to grow at their widest and multiply. A drunkenness of alcohol on Friday night has the ability to repel anyone and everyone with your morning breath resulting from alcohol intake, so it may be better not to see anyone until late afternoon … Or better Still, do not drink alcohol that is also harmful to your health.

Do not abuse the mouthwash at night

Mouthwash is necessary to have healthy teeth, but you do not have to abuse it. The mouthwash also dries the mouth and this is not good for the bacteria in the mouth. Use it in good morning is good because the saliva of the day will help the mouth not dry, but if you use it at night will keep your breath fresh for a while, but then serve to increase the speed with which the bacteria multiply.

Try not to sleep with your mouth open

Although it is a little difficult to control how you have your mouth when you are asleep and you will probably have your preferred way to sleep, doing it with your mouth open will only make you dry out even more and when you wake your breath it is horrible.

Breathing through the nose means that the air jumps out of the mouth and the little saliva there is has a better chance of keeping bacteria away from your mouth.

Water is the best agent to clean for the mouth Water is the best agent to clean for the mouth

Brush your tongue

Like your teeth and your entire mouth, the tongue is a breeding ground for bacteria that also causes bad breath , so if you do not brush it, it will multiply during the day and night. The good news is that an ordinary toothbrush is more than capable of brushing your tongue well, but if you do it too hard you could damage your taste buds, so it’s best to do it with care.

Drink a lot of water

Water is the best cleaning agent for the mouth. Drinking water as well as moisturizing and maintaining good health in your body, is also the best cleaning agent in your mouth. If you rinse with water you can eliminate the bacteria from your mouth. Water also helps increase the production of saliva, which, of course, we all know is the most powerful natural cleansing agent that dissolves bad smelling substances in food and beverages.

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