The helpful tool Google Trends now displays data for Google Shopping and Co. in real time. This makes trend analyzes even more precise.

Anyone who has previously identified real-time data on Google Trends, was limited to results from the web search. But now Google is rolling out an update for desktop like Mobile, after which such data can also be seen in the areas of shopping, pictures and news.

Google Trends gets bigger: More real-time data for more accurate analytics

Recognizing trends can sometimes be harder than it sounds. After all, they should be visible to everyone. However, needs, expectations and hot topics are constantly changing their shape online. However, for those who are interested, such as publishers or marketers, it is essential to become familiar with trends in the Web.

These are mainly Google in the search as a stamp. Therefore, the Google Trends tool has been part of the search engine’s repertoire for more than ten years . This was previously in real-time trends specifically for web search on Google represent. To do this, enter a search term of interest in the input field.

However, you will already see current trend topics for the first overview on the start page.

Google Trends homepage (click on the image for a larger view) Screenshot Google Trends

If you are interested in the subject of Bitcoin or the current events surrounding Jennifer Lawrence, you can use this search term to get an analysis of this trend. That’s what the whole thing looks like for “Bitcoin” limited to Germany.

Bitcoin on Google Trends (click on the image for a larger view) Screenshot Google Trends

Of interest in relation to SEA certainly the related topics and similar searches.

The more up-to-date data: Making trends more concrete

Anyone who wants to understand the trend for the search term “Bitcoin” on YouTube, for example, because he wants to edit video content or to advertise in this environment, will realize that the interest in the past year has risen extremely.

Bitcoin interest in YouTube in the last 12 months (click on the image for a larger view) Screenshot Google Trends

Again, the similar searches are meaningful.

Similar searches for Bitcoin on YouTube, screenshot YouTube

Just as exciting for Marketer is a look at the graphs for Google Shopping. It shows, for example, that global interest in Star Wars is growing.


Star Wars interest in Google Shopping globally in the last 90 days (Click image for a larger view) Screenshot Google Trends

This is due to the approaching start of the new film of the series, but also to the release of the computer game Star Wars Battlefront II. Here, Germany is highlighted when looking at the region. This means that articles might well be presented and sold in such an “intergalactic” setting.

Ultimately, the update of Google Trends shows that data can be perceived and interpreted on the basis of search queries in Google’s search functions – including YouTube. What you as a publisher, marketer or analyst start with this data is up to you. But the more precise insight certainly helps to make content and ads more differentiated and closer to the pulse of the times.

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