Breakfast has been noted as being the most important meal of the day. This is due to its ability to get the metabolism going providing your mind and body with energy for the remainder of the day. However, what is often ignored is the importance of balancing your breakfast.

So, what does having a balanced breakfast actually mean? To begin with it does not refer to a fatty donut (or donuts) with the morning cup of coffee. Unfortunately, the high-paced state of today’s society does not allow for nutritious well-planned breakfasts, so this is generally what people will consume as a morning meal. In order to eat a balanced diet, your breakfast should present with the appropriate amount of proteins, carbohydrates and essential fats.

For many the balanced breakfast may be somewhat overwhelming; however, it is very simple to put together if pre-planned. For example, instant oatmeal with milk, along with a banana, eggs and a glass of orange juice is less time-consuming than seeking out less nutritious options – only five minutes and you’re done. If you aren’t a fan of this combination there are other alternatives, as can be seen below:

1. The protein and fat

Generally protein and fat would meet in meal combinations as proteins are usually cooked in fat or contain some amount of fat. Options available in this category should be eaten in moderation and include sausage, eggs and bacon; however, you can also try nuts and peanut butter to ‘mix it up’.

2. The carbohydrates

When we turn our thoughts to carbohydrates, one will usually think of bread and rice; however, carbohydrates can also be located in certain fruits such as bananas. Furthermore, fruits and fruit juices provide vitamins and minerals that breads will not; but, if you prefer to opt for the bread route then it is recommended you eat the whole grain alternative for extra fiber.

3. The dairies

Dairy products, specifically milk, are associated with calcium and some protein; as well as being a tool in weight loss programs. Research has indicated that dieters who consume diary on a daily basis will lose greater amounts of weight than those who do not.

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