It is not always easy to love yourself. That’s why we give you some helpful tips to make the road to self-acceptance less rocky. Only when we are at peace with ourselves, it is possible, even for the love of other people to be really receptive. But especially in the cold months, many people fall into a kind of hole and do not feel comfortable in their skin. Self-love is anything but easy, because only by really engaging with yourself – your desires, your strengths and even your weaknesses – can you learn to accept them and really start accepting yourself. With this little guide we show how you can do it.

To understand oneself

A first step on the way to self-acceptance is to deal with yourself. Who are you? Try to describe yourself first, as objectively as possible, as if you were characterizing another person. Then you also deal with your fears and concrete experiences – the more specific you act, the better you get to know yourself. Did not you dare something because you were afraid of it? If yes why? Get to the bottom of the causes of your actions and try to understand yourself. Only then can you either change your behavior or learn to live with your weaknesses. But do not focus only on your negative characteristics, but also highlight the positives!

Formulate wishes

Just as important as dealing with the past and the present is looking into the future. Where do you want to go? What are your wishes and goals? Specifically formulate how you imagine your life in the future. Stand by your deepest yearnings. Maybe you are not satisfied only because you want to suppress your wishes or not admit? Only those who know exactly what they want can really get to know each other. So be honest with yourself!

Accept weaknesses

Fact: Alone, if you not only acknowledge your weaknesses and mistakes, but accept them, you can really be at peace with yourself. So do not worry about what others might think of you. It only matters how you feel about yourself in your skin. Realize that nobody in this world is perfect. Every human being has mistakes. However, it is not wrong to recognize some patterns of behavior that you may use to sabotage yourself over and over again, for example, by pushing decisions out of fear. Do not condemn yourself, but be aware of how you handle certain things.

Do something good

When you spend a lot of time with yourself, it is also important to treat yourself time and time again. What that means exactly to you is individual. Listen to yourself, find out what’s good for you and then do just that – on a regular basis. Do you love nature walks, a hot bath after a hard day at work, or cuddle up on the couch with a thrilling book? No matter what it is, take your time, treat yourself. Always give yourself a gift in this regard, without any guilty conscience. You have earned it.

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