Your wedding dress is one of the most important garments that you will ever own, but that doesn’t meant that it has to cost a fortune. If you are working with a small wedding budget, there are many ways that you can save money on your wedding gown.

You can still look stunning on your wedding day, while saving money. Here are some tips for buying your wedding dress on a budget:

– Consider a used wedding dress. If you are not superstitious, you can have someone else’s gown professionally cleaned and wear it on your wedding day.

– Could you possibly wear your mother’s or your grandmother’s vintage wedding dress? Maybe you might need to get it tailored to fit you, but this will cost less than a new dress. Plus, it’s a meaningful gesture and it counts as “something borrowed”.

– Take a look at the sale rack. You might not find a gown from this year’s collection, but you might find one of last year’s styles at a discount price.

– You could also consider buying a wedding dress that is new, yet has a small defect. Many stores will offer discounts for dresses with small imperfections – but often these imperfections are too small to notice or can be fixed by a good tailor.

– When buying a dress online, try to look for one with free shipping – as the weight of the dress can really make the shipping costs add up.

– You might want to think about choosing a bridesmaid’s dress in white, ivory or cream instead of a wedding gown – which will cost a lot less. It will be a little bit simpler, but you can dress it up with the right heels, hair accessories and jewelry and make it special.

Buying Your Wedding Dress Online

In order to save money on your wedding dress, you could buy it online from Vogue Season. This wedding dress company offers a gorgeous selection of discount wedding dresses, all 100% handmade. They are shipped straight from the maker and by purchasing your dress this way you can save 50-80% on the high street bridal shops. They also offer weekly deals and a 100% money back guarantee with a three day return policy.

If you buy wedding dress online it can save you a lot of money, but make sure that you have someone measure you carefully so that you can get the correct size. You should carefully follow any instructions that involve your measurements when you are ordering the dress. Also, make sure that you understand the return policy in case you need to send the gown back for any reason.

Take your time to find the right gown or design your own wedding dress, so that you can get a great deal on their very special dress for your wedding day. The extra money you save can go toward planning a better reception, a more luxurious honeymoon, or simply placing in a savings account for you and your spouse in the future.

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