When talking about happiness in the family, everything can be very relative. Happiness is very different from one person to another and from one family to another. Do you remember the happiness you felt when your partner before being married with children to something romantic for you? That tingling feeling in your stomach made you feel happy, right? Now it seems that everything has changed, that happiness has become relative. But happiness is there, you just have to want to feel it. Discover these keys to be happy as a family.

When talking about happiness in the family, everything can be very relativeWhen talking about happiness in the family, everything can be very relative

Do you think that everything has started to go wrong and that you can not be happy anymore in your family?

Things did not start to go wrong when the children arrived, not at all. Things start to go wrong when you lose respect for yourself and your partner. When you blame your partner for your negative feelings, forgetting that only you are the owner of what you feel, for the good and for the bad.

Maybe in your childhood they told you that romantic relationships would always be a path of roses, but nothing could be further from reality. A romantic relationship has ups and downs, because people are different and we usually think differently, being able to enter into conflicts. But the important thing is that these conflicts that occur do not drown us and we can solve it from love and respect.

The destroyer of happiness is to stay in the routines, without watering the plant of love, because the phrase: ‘And they all lived happily ever after’, is false if nothing is done to get it. Happiness is an attitude and does not come alone, however much you want it (if you do not do anything to change your thoughts).

But happiness can be a reality if you really want it to be so, but how can you make everyone live happily ever after?

Keys to live happily ever after

1- Enjoy your family life

To enjoy your family you do not have to dream of having a perfect family . Perfection does not exist and it is the little things that will make everything really worthwhile. Thanks for the hugs of your children, the unexpected ‘I love you’ of your partner, the small moments together walking or watching a television program, etc.

2- Remember that you are a team

A family is a team, you belong to a place and you are all important and indispensable for each other. You are all together, even in the most irrational, emotional or exhausting moments. This loyalty is what makes you want unconditionally. Although things do not always go well, what you should never miss in your family is this loyalty.

3- Do not compare your family with others

Each family is a world and you should not compare yourself with others. It is necessary that you know that your family, although imperfect for the world, must be perfect for you. Teach your children that what is given is received and you do not always have to get angry if it does not work that way on some occasions. The important thing is that you do not compare yourself with others, each family is a world, but you are the best in your home.

The little things are what really give meaning to the life of any familyThe little things are what really give meaning to the life of any family

4- Appreciate the little things

The little things are what really give meaning to the life of any family. Any gesture of your children, a hug, a little love, a kiss before going to sleep … Look at how many small things you can have during your family days and then, feel grateful for everything.

5- Love must be worked

It is very important to remember that, as in the life of a couple, in family life it is the same. To be able to enjoy family love you have to cultivate it day by day. For example, if your partner makes food every day for the whole family, that is love.

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