Much of the life of the human being takes place in his own home, so that staying comfortable in it is essential as long as each individual feels good, an aspect that positively affects the minds of people, making them rest better. at night and perform optimally at school or at your workplace

To achieve this well-being in the home, it is essential that it be kept clean, although some people find it difficult and tedious even if it is an address of not too many square meters. Whatever the dimensions of your home, there are several tricks and a series of recommendations that simplify, streamline and optimize each action performed obtaining the best possible result .

– If at the time of cleaning the floor does not completely convince you the result obtained with the traditional broom and for some or other reasons you do not use a conventional vacuum cleaner you can choose to use a broom vacuum cleaner that boasts the best features of the two elements recently mentioned Hairs, dust and any trace of dirt in general, with all this ends the device that is increasingly present in more homes, as it leaves the ground impeccable without the presence of cables and preventing the user from being forced to deal with the typical bags of vacuum cleaners.

– As the floor is very easy to clean by means of the aforementioned device, doing the same with elements such as carpets and curtains can become a headache, especially if the stain in question is not treated immediately and you proceed to remove it after It has dried completely. In case you do not have liquid stain remover you can make your own mixture based on sodium bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide.

– Another household chore that can be a real odyssey is summarized in cleaning the sofas. More and more owners and tenants are opting to place in them a protective cover that, although minimally reduce the level of attractiveness of the whole, involve a great simplicity and speed to leave it like a whistle, just shake that element textile and put it in the washing machine once a month .

– The crystals tend to cause boredom in those who spend one hour per week and even more time to clean them thoroughly. On the contrary, putting into practice the following trick will not cost you so much: deal with one of them daily . You can start with the window that opens to the outside, the next day the kitchen window, and so on with each set of glass present in the home. In this way you will be able to keep them clean without a great effort focused on a single day.

– The recommendation previously mentioned should not be applied with the iron. And is that the operation of heating brings a high consumption, so that if done daily the electricity bill would be considerably thickened. So, it is advisable to iron in the same day all the clothes you can . Certainly it can end up being monotonous, so to distract yourself during the process listening to the radio, music or watching television is an option that you do not have to discard if you want the ironing session to be more enjoyable.

– If you are one of those who for work reasons you are forced to make regular use of the microwave to eat something that is ready in a short time probably said appliance will get dirty quickly. Elements such as remains of solidified sauces are not difficult to clean if you previously turn on the appliance with a lemon and water mixture inside, which is enough to pour into a glass cup. Subsequently, after making sure that the internal zone of the device has cooled down partially, it is sufficient to pass a dry cloth gently, thus removing the existing dirt .

– The kitchen is one of the dwellings of the home that tend to get dirty. If you plan to make a dish that fry in oil splashing considerably it is advisable to cover the area with disposable elements that are characterized by being flame retardant . In this way, you will prevent the aforementioned substance that so much stains from penetrating the countertop and the tiles, creating difficult spots to deal with them.

– Finally, after each shower it is most likely that the lime will accumulate in the bathroom screen, leading to every so often you have to devote to extract it properly with the corresponding physical effort. Avoiding it is as easy as taking advantage of the later moments after having taken a shower to dry the set using a cloth made of cotton. Thanks to this, the lime will not give shape to a whitish surface that is difficult to remove .

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