Many parents plan and even look forward to their child’s first haircut. After all, it is a rite of passage into toddler-hood. However, your little one may feel differently. In fact, the entire process is often a bit scary for them.

Your child is forced to interact with someone they do not know, and that individual is touching their head and their hair for an extended period of time. Getting a haircut, then, can be a little traumatic for a child. However, it does not have to be that way. With a bit of planning, you can help ensure that the first haircut goes off without a hitch.

Pick a Date

All children are different. Some are born with a full head of hair, necessitating a cut before they even turn a year old. However, others have no hair at all, and they therefore do not need to sit in a barber’s chair until they are older. There is no magic age at which to take your child to get a haircut. It is more about when you are ready to transition with them into the next stage of their life.

Choose a Barber

Do not just take your child to any old barber shop. Visit a place that caters to children and knows how to work with them. There are some salons that have cute chairs for little ones to sit in, and they may even have televisions at each station so your little one can watch their favorite show. There are salons that also offer special packages for the first cut, which might include a picture and a certificate. One option is Pete’s New York Barber and Styling Shop where barbers in Largo give quality haircuts six days a week.

Prepare Your Child

Children are creatures of routine, and they do not like anything that disrupts that routine. Therefore, make sure they understand what is about to happen. Take them to the barber shop ahead of time so they can see where they will be going. Allow them to watch as a haircut takes place, noting the cape that will be placed around their shoulders. And, try not to use the word “cut,” which sounds intimidating. Once you arrive back home, play pretend with your little one. Let him give you a haircut and do the same in return. Just do not use real scissors in your game.

Plan Ahead

Does your child have a lovey or a favorite toy? Bring these comfort objects with you and hand them to your child if he becomes nervous. A lollipop also does the trick for many children as well. If there is a mirror, ask that your child be pointed away from it so they do not see the scissors. For children that are truly scared, it may be necessary for you to sit down and hold them in your lap to comfort them.

Schedule Responsibly

Pick a time for the appointment that works with your schedule. Do not make it too close to either meal time or nap time. You want your little one to be in the best mood possible. Before you leave the house, call the barber shop to make sure they are not behind schedule. You do not want to get there, only to have to wait for an extended period of time.

Stay Calm

Your state of mind is important, as your child will pick up on how you are feeling. Make sure to tell your little one that you are excited about this special day, and you know the two of you are going to have a lot of fun together.

One option in the Largo, Florida area is Pete’s New York Barber & Styling Shop. They have handled 1000 of first time hair cut for same children.

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