The Google services have important and irreplaceable things about our lives, so losing access to them can become a catastrophe if your account is suspended.

Google reserves the right to suspend and freeze access to your accounts in case of rule violation. To avoid that it happens to you or, if it happened to you, to solve it, we will show you what to do if you are without access to Gmail, YouTube and Google Drive, among others.

How to recover an account suspended by Google

When you open an account at Google, you accept their terms of service, which are explained in a long document that almost nobody reads. That is the reason for the surprise when we realized that the company suspended access to our accounts.

If you violate Google’s terms of service for the first time, you will most likely receive a warning message. However, if you are already a recurrent offender or your action was serious, you will not be able to access the company’s services.

Google does not notify you before suspending your account, but simply prevents you from logging in by displaying a message that your account is suspended and under review for violation of any of the terms of service.

In that case, your account is frozen while Google investigates and decides if what you did is serious enough to expel you or if the days in which your account was frozen as punishment will suffice.

While an account is frozen you cannot access Gmail, check or download files stored in Google Drive or your YouTube account, among others. If Google considers it fair that your account is suspended, you can still appeal.

To recover a suspended account, you can submit your defense to Google using a special form. To receive an answer you must deliver a personal email that is not Gmail.

The first thing is to read the terms of service of Google to determine the violated rules. If you found out what your mistake was or think you did not do anything wrong, you can present your defense by writing a text to Google.

For example, if you were suspended for sending spam in Gmail and it was actually emails sent to your entire university class with a real purpose, you can use that defense.

Google Drive updated its applications improving the service

Another common cause for suspending an account is that it has been used to distribute some type of malware, something that happens when your computer is infected with a virus through a Phishing attack. If that is the case, Google will help you recover it. It may be that Google asks you to verify your identity through official documents.

If you violated a rule and assume your mistake (as long as it is a less serious mistake and not reiterated despite previous warnings), Google people could take pity on you and return the access.

If Google “Rejects” you as a member of your community, you will not have the opportunity to recover the contents stored there. This is a serious loss if there were contacts, important emails or files not backed up.

Read the terms of service well and avoid that Google suspend your account. You can recover it in certain cases or it can disappear forever. Therefore, it is best to prevent rather than regret.


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